Fortis Design - Brisbane Australia


Working with Fortis Design you'll have access to years of experience, a vast array of technical skills and artistic talent. From this foundation and our industry contacts, we can offer your organisation a wide range of services:


You only ever get one first impression. Imagine being able to present your current and future clients a comprehensive and coherent front. A communications strategy designed for you from end-to-end: Colour schemes, logo, business cards, web site, stationery - the works. A branding you can present to the world, confident in your ability to stand out from your competition.

Whether you're about to launch a new venture, or simply looking to update your image, you'll find our iterative brand development process both effective and painless. We also have extensive contacts in the print industry, so we can handle all those little back-and-forths that always seem to get in the way when you want things done.

Web Site Design and Development

The team at Fortis Design has been building dynamic, interactive, and engaging web sites since Adam was a boy. Well at least since Yahoo was a private company, and "Google" was a typo. We've been there, and done that. And come out of it with years of experience to know how to develop cost-effective solutions that look a million dollars. We'll help you reach your customers - and more importantly help your customers reach you, around the world.

We pride ourselves on building web sites that work, as well as look good. Whenever possible we leverage existing technologies and standards to make sure that your message can reach the widest audience. On the other hand, we also understand that nobody knows your target audience better than you do, we won't demand you bend to our dogma.

Graphic and Multimedia Design

At Fortis we understand the web. We also understand the printed and new media, and we can tailor your solutions to meet the unique constraints and advantages of each one. From fliers and business cards to CD-ROMs and DVDs, reference manuals to 6-foot billboards, television and beyond, we'll help you get your message out in the medium of your choice.

Software Development

Do you need some software to help run your business? Document control? Customer and communications management? Something else entirely? Talk to us. If we can't recommend a product that suits your needs, we'll create one!

Get in touch if you'd like to know how we can help you.